What’s your favorite book?

Barbara N.
It’s quite difficult to answer this question. There are many books that marked my life or I link to my most precious memories, such as Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone; altough my favourite book is not the one I love most, but the one which speaks to myself, shows my fears and my hopes, even though it was written by an another person in an another time. The book is “The business of living” by Cesare Pavese. It is author’s journal, in which reflections on literature alternate with personal issues e thoughts about life, with no separation. The bond between writing and life is permanent and very rare to find under this form. I think that is the most beautiful thing that could happen to an artist, to connect art and life inextrictably.
Tracey O.
Mi libro favorito hasta ahora, se llama Dios usa lápiz labial, es un libro que me ha enseñado mucho y me ha hecho crecer como persona y como mujer.
Daniel J.
The Count of Monte Cristo for fiction. For nonfiction it’s Dying Words: Endangered Languages and What They Have to Tell Us