How long do you read? Is your reading out of necessity or pleasure?

Kate T.
I always read for at least 30 minutes before bed, although I have occasionally cut that short by a minute or so if I’m at the end of a chapter/too tired to read further. I have also read for much longer if I’m awake enough and really into the book.

Reading is a pleasure for me. I found that I fell out of the habit of reading because I wasn’t happy. Now, that I have got back into regular reading, whilst it is a pleasure, it is also a necessity for my mental wellbeing.

Mylie L.
Ever since I started looking forward into less procrastinating and less toxic thoughts, I decided probably looking into something I never knew I would like. And that's where I found out, I loved reading. I can't get my mind off reading! I tend to be more focused and actually forget about all my toxic thoughts and bad feelings! So basically I do it with pleasure!
Victoria O.
Fabulous asks that I read 30 min at least, but once I start reading, I can get carried away and can read for up to an hour or more before I stop. I read for pleasure, but lately I hadn't been giving myself time to do it. So fabulous helped give me a time slot to do it.
Brooklyn P.
I don’t read for a certain set of time. If I get bored of reading I move on to an audiobook. I read for pleasure and sometimes necessity.
Aoife U.
I read for like between half an hour and an hour, and mostly I read for pleasure but if I'm going on a long car journey I tend to bring a book to read out of necessity so I don't get bored and frustrated at my brothers
Nathan A.
I read for roughly 20 minutes at a time. I like reading to calm myself. To escape to another world. I read for pleasure, and I think all should do the same.
Teri O.
It is absolutely for pleasure. Reading leads to writing. I read at any opportunity and if I choose not to read during my free time, it is because I want o write my own ideas down.
Andreas T.
I have some books I need to read or even buy, but I'm trying to recover my reading habit so I've been read just the books I want. I usually read for at least one hour per day, but I'm gradually increasing this value until I reach my goal: read for at least three hours, one at morning, other at afternoon and the last at evening, at least.