How do you decide what to read?

Toya W.
I decide if I wanna spend the next couple weeks in suspense or work on my being. So I pick fictional novels when I am in a great state. Hmm, realizing that right now (:
Evi X.
My favorite way is go to a book store and check what they have, new releases, best sellers, and whats on discount. Or, I just wandering around to the aisles based on topics/genre. See if there's one or two that interesting, depends on my mood. Read carefully about the synopsis also helpfull.
Elise W.
Usually I get a book recommended by friends, or a gifted book. Otherwise I'll search for books online, and buy them. Sometimes I want to read a certain book again, and that's what I do.
Bozena T.
Well usually my friends recommend me books they like and I borrow them. Another way is to read what is recommend from my teacher. But when I want something different i just go to the book store and look around at different sections. I like reading the little description on the back, or look up reviews . Just find something that attracts you or makes you wonder what would happen next. And explore all types of books! (Sorry for any mistakes) . Hope this helps!
Rosaly F.
I decided of my Feelings, when I am feel good I Read my Favoriten book like Harry Potter or Warriors Cats but when I am feeling not so good I Look always for some New books, I am looking in Kindle wich Kind of e-book is free for me and when I found something, then I choose this… so basically money choose my books 😅 but it's realy realy good, I realy can recommend it 🙂