What do you look for in a spiritual enlighting book?

Lavette X.
An author that is knowledgeable about the subject and perhaps lives or practices what is being written about is important to me when choosing a spiritual book.
Olivia B.
I look for books written by people who have endured great adversity (coma patients, holocaust survivors, those that have lost a child, or escaped a dictatorship), I look for books from people who study consciousness (books like into the gray zone). For me, a book that teaches me to be brave during change and to have enough humility to see when I am wrong are valuable. I enjoy books that teach me to become better and more peaceful, to treat other creatures with the same patience and mercy I would want to receive, to not pass judgement on others because I am only afew turns of fate from being where they are. I find books that teach me about death, tragedy, and the intelligence of other creatures to be humbling and help me become honest with myself, hold myself accountable in a way that isn't punitive but is effective in generating change. I need to use my life to not take and be selfish, and through being more honest with myself and more gentle with others on this planet, I do feel more at peace. The books I seek are those that educate me in order to urge me to change and face things that are frightening because there's no point in being afraid of what's been there whether you had the courage to look or not.