How am I supposed to stop myself from reading before I end up reading until 1 am?

Rish U.
I sometimes use the fabulous app as a timer and keep it on beside me. You could also use a timer and set it to beep after half an hour. I then finish the page or chapter before going to sleep.
Leah T.
Reading is a good habit and it is good that u r addicted to it….but as it is said addiction regarding any thing can be risky…here staying up late night can cause sleep disorders which can also affect ur mental health…if u r reading books on any digital screen then it can cause eye issue even if u use the night mode…so try to control urself and to do so try setting up an alarm…u can always use the app as using it can help u…I too faced the same issue but I m highly obsessed with drawing so I set up the alarm in the app..u can try it urself and see the results…I hope my advice would help u…😊
Ria G.
I read till the next chapter but if its a good book I read alittle more but if you want to not read til 1 set a timer or alarm that will help.
Oscar Z.
Honestly I know that if a book is interesting, you will not be able to put it down. Put what works for me is that i schedule or set what chapters or topics i am reading that night and stick to that. For eg. If i say tonight i am going to read chapters 1 to 3. I will read that and end it there for that night.
Another thing I do is that i set an alarm on my phone for what time i want to finish read. So when the alarm goes off. I stop reading. I hope this helps.
Malou W.
I find that setting an alarm for the time that I'd like to read helps me not get sucked into reading the whole night. A simple interruption to the reading session is usually enough to stop for the night