What happen’s when along the way I stop feeling at home with books. Books stop being my saving grace, my get away place. Does that mean I have out grown them?

Daniel U.
Perhaps your book taste has changed. Expand your horizons with your choice in books. If you read fiction perhaps start looking at non-fiction. There are also other paths with books, e-books, audible, etc. Can all help reignite your passion for books. If you do feel like nothing will help then perhaps you have outgrown your safe place in life (which isn't always a bad thing!) Its a hole to fill with new hobbies and interests!
Melissa N.
You might just need to change up what you’re reading. Pick a new genre, grab a new author. Explore new worlds. I was feeling a bit tired of my go to romances and picked up some amazing YA fantasy books and Victorian mysteries. Now I’ve got two new genres I adore and better, my passion for reading romances is back.
Camryn C.
Well in my experience when I stopped loving reading it was just because I had run out of books that I liked. I found myself just wanting to reread old ones and my favorites. But since then I have tried to find more that relate to some of my favorites. I also feel that sometimes you have to grow away from something just so you can find it and love it all over again. Just like the saying that you have to have bad days so you can appreciate the good ones.
Am Lie I.
It sounds like the types of books you read may not be as relevant to you personally as they once were. Try branching out and seeing what catches your interest. Short stories are a great way to get a taste of different styles and authors in one or two sittings, so you aren't dedicated to reading one story too long.
Primo N.
Books are a lifetime friend.Everyone leaves but they stay as a friend with our memories in them ,there smell revives us while reading.
May be you need some live stuff now so that your excitement returns back. or start reading from the nature.
Mood swings can take place when do a work for long.
Our likes of childhood may be converted in dislikes when we are adult and may be it comes back when old.
So never blame your books for the disgrace.
Vanessa W.
Not at all! Maybe you have to branch out a bit more! Try asking friends, family, coworkers, librarians, and book shop workers what they would recommend based off what genre or authors you gravitate towards. Maybe you just need to find a new story to fall in love with.

I experienced something similar recently, and got my groove back with audio books, graphic novels, and a sci fi series called Space Doc (SL Viel).