Do audiobooks count as reading? What about graphic novels?

Rafi T.
I think that they do, as long as you are paying full attention to them. Not just having them on in the background. That shows you are fully aware of what is happening in the story. I also think that graphic novels count as reading because even though its pictures. It's still telling a story, and that's what counts.
Clara E.
Audio books are not reading. Graphic novels are. Reading requires the attention of the eyes and mind. Audiobooks can be listened to while doing other things.
Christine G.
The scientific answer is that audiobooks and graphic novels DO count as reading! Studies have found that audiobooks engage our brains in a positive way, and comprehension rates through audiobooks are similar to that of reading from an ebook. But there is some evidence that reading from a good ol' fashioned paper book results in slightly better comprehension. The fact is, whether we listen to someone read a book, read it ourselves on a screen or page, or read a story that's told along with illustrations, we're doing our brains a big favor. The key, for me, is to always try to add something new, and stretch my experiences through stories. I never used to listen to audiobooks, but now I love them, both for relaxation and to learn something. I love reading my old paperback favorites, or skimming through a biography on my Kindle. And Tintin graphic novels are the best of every world! Just keep reading, keep reaching out for something new!
Jonathan T.
I believe both count a reading. When you are actively listening to someone else read a book it's the same as reading the book. Except you aren't actually reading real words on a page. Still your mind is actively engaged. I believe the same is true with graphic novels. Just with pictures.
E N.
I believe the benefits and reasons why reading is important is twofold.
First, to disconnect from the mind and focus on something outside of ourselves.
And two educational in nature. Reading stretches your brain muscles (creating new connections) so if your learning more about you and expanding your understanding of the world then I say it counts.
1 other thing, physically reading can help strengthen your cognitive processing, grammar and make you a better writer- so adding in a physical wordy book can help strengthen that muscle. 🙂
Abssil O C.
My short answer is no, audiobooks do not count as reading. To me audiobooks are a whole different genre – closer to a podcast or radio experience rather than reading. Reading “feels” different – like a different part of the brain is activated. That does not make it better or worse – just not the same. Graphic Novels are tricky! What do you think?
Eust Quio P.
I do not think that audiobooks count as reading because you can listen to them while you are doing something else. Reading needs all of your attention and focus. Reading comics and graphic novels does too, so they count for me!
Kata T.
For me they don’t because I prefer sit and concentrate about what I am reading while audiobooks lead you to do other things and thus lose concentration. But it’s personal
Storm W.
Of course they do! In a certain sense, in regards to audiobooks. As for graphic novels, that’s a no-brainer: they 100% do!
David P.
Audio books improve your listening skills, but not the reading. Comics and mangas are better if you want to start with something that is a bit easier to read, they will make you read and also you get entertained by the illustrations they have. The best way to read is starting by topics of our interest and going to a place we feel comfortable, maybe listening to peaceful sounds.
Gabi S.
I would say that listening to audio books dont count as reading because you're not actually reading. I would say graphic novels do count as reading. For more info Google it.🤔
Verena U.
When you don't have the time to sit and read, audio books are very good for that. You can listen to them when you are going to work or somewhere else. Don't really know about graphic novels, if people like them, then it is good for them
Nick G.
I think it does. It will still educate you to make you think from a different point of view and teach you how to better. Well, I guess that is the self help audiobooks. Other books will take you to a fantasy land.
Judith P.
Yes absolutely!
I believe some people can’t pay attention to written words and do a much better job when they hear the books. So yes go for it!

Also. I’m currently reading a graphic novel and they are absolutely books!!

Simon U.
Yes, both can be relaxing and teach you something. Audiobooks are a wonderful way to fit the joy of reading into a busy lifestyle whereas, graphic novels share an added perspective to a novel by including pictures of how the artist envisions the situation of the characters playing out and even their attitude or feeling about the situation portrayed on their face. Instead of the characters feelings explained, you must learn to catch sometimes subtle social ques in facial features, body language, etc..
Hans Willi F.
I don’t like audiobooks. And don’t consider them as reading. Basically, they’re being listened as people are doing smth (driving a car, etc), so it’s not smth where you’re really focused
Lo S C.
I’m not sure about the graphic novels but audiobooks definitely count as reading. My statement about graphics is based admittedly on prejudice but I think I’m not entirely incorrect.