Do you prefer reading shorter books, or longer books in a series?

Ana Q.
Depends. Sometimes short books are really good, sometimes longer books in series can be also really good. I guess it just depends of the book, not about how long or short it is.
Rosalind Z.
It really depends. I have enjoyed reading a long series of fantasy books, but lately I have been reading a lot of shorter 'slice of life' novels by foreign authors. Though when a novel is so good, having it end too quickly is always a shame! I suppose it really depends on how much time you have and how quickly you read.
Stephanie O.
I enjoy both. I can't say really one over the other. I've read a lot of both. What I can say I like is when I know there is a movie or tv series based on the book. I always enjoy seeing the interpretation on screen.
Sree X.
This is the a good question. I struggle with this question as well. I usually at the beginning fell drawn to a series if books because I know that the mystery will continue. But then I have a hard time actually keep reading because you have to do it consistently.