How many books at a time do you read?

Charlie P.
I read a physical book in the evenings and I have an audio book for my commute. Then I also have Blinkist book every so often. So I guess one can say I read 3-4 books at a time.
Callum Z.
I tend to hop from book to book constantly, but I'm usually really focussing on finishing one at a time. I've heard it's better to read multiple books at once though!
Sofia E.
Around 3. A spiritual book. A learning book about a topic I feel curious about and sometimes a lighter read to carry with me on the go.
Lucas F.
I prefer to read a maximum of 2 books at time. I try to make sure that they are different in content and nature, so that when I don't feel like reading the one I am still motivated in reading the other. I imagine more books would leave me losing the jist each of the titles.
Aubrey O.
I try to stick to 1 at a time to keep from getting confused. But sometimes 2 at a time. Or sometimes I dont finish one book then come back much much later.
Ross J.
I have a lot of books that I have chose not to read I finally started reading one and I don’t plan on stopping . So I’m starting with 1 book at a time
Micario O.
Generally one in the evening, but sometimes I add one title in the afternoon if it’s a pocket sized and I can take it with me everywhere. I just need them to talk about different topics, not to feel confused after reading.
Maria N.
i usually just read 1 book at a time so my mind doesn’t get confused what which one is about and the true meaning behind it sometimes i read 2 but i prefer just reading 1
Valentine Z.
Between one and three. I have a kindle, plus physical books at mine and my partners houses. I have dyslexia, and I like to take my more difficult books to his place. We use it as couple time and he reads to me.
Madison T.
I tend to stick to one book at a time because I can become fully invested and focused on one overarching plot line and theme. However, when I do really get into a book I find that I just NEED to know what happens next so I'll finish most books quite quickly. So on long trips I'll pack at least two new books to enjoy!
Petula Y.
At any one time in reading at least two books, but there are even more that I've begun reading. There's always a main one or when I'm reading a novel I'll also be reading a nonfiction one.
Federica Q.
I used to read 3-4 books at time and forget everything soon after finished. Now I am trying to focus on one book only. I am trying to read less pages at time so I can enjoy more of it and more easily remember it.
Michelle T.
I have many books on the go. I feel like i shouldn't though as I'm not focusing on one thing and really immersing myself
Stephanie Q.
I read 3 books a day, sometimes more depending on how I feel during the day. The shorter books I read the quickly I can finish the volume and go to my next book.If. I decide to read more lengthy books I tend to read less books during the day.