I want to learn to read faster. There are so many books to read but not much time . Any tips?

Lilly Z.
I would get Audiobooks so when you are driving, walking, running, etc. so you can get the book done faster and when you have any free time you can just relax and read.
Tristan U.
There are apps such as Blinkist that give you all the important parts of a book. Each summary is about a 15 minute read. Audiobooks are also great, listen to them while you’re cleaning, commuting to work, working out, or any other time you listen to music.
Suzanne E.
I think there is always time if we want to. I like to read my books every day after I wake up. I set 20-30 minutes for a book. You can make it your own by choosing a time that's right for you, it can be after you wake up, before you sleep, on your way to work if you are using public transport or on your lunch break. All you have to do is start.