Are you reading always at the same time? I suppose by me it will change when the quarantine times will end and I’ll go back to my study life. So how to make habits in these so special and in many aspects different times? Should I really read every day at 13 and not at 14?

Timothy Y.
No. I read throughout the day as the opportunity arises. Times vary yet Iโ€™ve been incorporating reading into my evening wind down ritual.
Tom G.
I would suggest you pay attention to when you naturally FEEL like reading. I, personally, enjoy reading at night. Others like reading before bed… Are there certain times of the day when you are motivated to read than other times? Do you prefer having all jobs done before reading? Is reading fun for you? If you *must* read (for school, self-imorovement, success, etc.) I would suggest designate a half hour segment per day that is your "reading hour." However, if you are reading for fun, I feel it'd be best to pay attention to when you feel like sitting down with a good book or magazine. If you want to read a minimim amount per day of a certain topic or book, hone into your body's naturally-preferred time of day where sitting and focusing solely on a book feels most pleasant.

Maybe even write it down by keeping a "reading journal." There's something satisfying about looking back and seeing progress made on regularly maintaining a beneficial routine, especially with reading. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ“•๐Ÿ“—๐Ÿ“˜