How do people remember the full story of what they have read?

C Me C.
I never remember the full story! I've come to terms with that. I do find that I remember the most when I take notes, or underline or highlight while I read. I even remember more if I'm just holding the pen in my hand!
Hans Walter X.
I always read things that intrest me. I find that if I really like an article or book I'll remember it. I also journal every night before I go to bed. Sometimes I'll write about what I read and it helps me remember the content of the reading later on.
Amy Z.
From my knowledge I sometimes remember to barely remember what I’ve read. Seeing pictures to seeing words varies as pictures are easier to remember than paragraphs of course
Reza P.
I have a habit of writing while reading even when i am reading a story. After i pass a certain pages i write my thoughts about it. I started this habit long time a go for different reason. But one of its other perks is it makes me remember much more detail and remember longer🤷🏼‍♂️
Pierre E.
Talk about it with others. That's why book clubs are so great. Also, don't rush through the book. It's not another thing to tick off your to-do list. Take your time and you will absorb more of it. It is unlikely that you will remember every detail of a book but how you felt when you read it will stick with you.
Robin Q.
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