How much do you read in a day?

Micah Q.
About 1 hour a day give or take. I listen to a audio book in the morning while I go for a walk and then before I go to bed
Joaqu N T.
It depends but usually about 30-45 minutes. I try to finish whole chapters at a time to set them as my goal for the day.
Yanis Z.
In one day I read for about
1-3 hours. Reading is my escape. I can worry about someone else’s problems instead of my own. I read on paperback and digital. (I like digital a little bit more though 😉 Reading is one of my biggest hobbies if you could call it that. More of a part time profession. But it helps me calm down, focus, gather my bearings before a stressful event, and above all… the reason I love to read is because nobody can judge you on the way you read a book, or what books you read. It’s a personal preference and nobody has the right to judge somebody by the way they think.
Peterson U.
Well, if I take into account all the time I am reading articles and technical papers then, like about 3-4 hours a day. If it is just some book for entertainment, then it would be 30 min to 1 hour
Walfried U.
I try to read for at least a half hour a day. Usually try to read more like an hour. Reading makes me calm and get ready for bed.