What is the best way getting over the procrastination hump when it comes to reading a new book?

Anna S.
– I try to read 15-30 minutes every night right before going to sleep, and when I finish a book on a night, I just start a new one the next night. Integrating reading in one of your routines is a good way to avoid procrastinating because it becomes a habit.
– Also, make sure the new book is around in the area that you are usually in while reading.
– I also have a Spreadsheets list with all the books I’ve read and want to read, and it motivates me to finish books / start new ones so I can add them to the list (same w/ films). Good luck! Xx
Lewis J.
I allow myself to pick up any part of the new book to start, when it is felt a bit daunting. Also give myself OK to read very little, even if one paragraph or one page only, because I believe I know the best timing to read particular contents. Of course it is case by case, if you are reading the new book for your assignments, this might not apply. Happy reading !
Dolly T.
Whenever I procrastinate, I end up going back and reading a favorite book. Going back to a book I've read before, and absolutely love, helps me get over that reading procrastination.