Do you think it’s best to read off paper or on screen?

Evelyn C.
Hmmm, i guess that depends!
I usually prefer reading on paper for 2 reasons. First of all I have too many things on my phone or laptop that can make me unfocused.
And the second reason is that i can work better with highlighters on paper. Yes of course you can highlight documents on your laptop too but for me personally it doesnt work as good as on paper.
Of course sometimes I also just read things on screen, but mostly short things and I often have to reread it a few times before I really understand it.
So yeah, paper is better in my opinion!
Erin F.
I think paper is best for your eyes, but it's not just that. Reading an actual book, holding it in you hands, smelling the paper and having it in your library it's so much better. It's magic.
Izzy E.
I think it's better to read on paper. It's relaxing when you're not staring at the same screen that tempts stress through out the day. It offers escape to another world or deeper self-realization without the added burden of temptation to be distracted.