How long do you read a day?

Landon C.
Currently I focus less on how much time I’m reading. As long as I read a chapter or two I am reaching my own personal goal.
Leonard U.
I am an avid reader and usually read for at least an hour, sometimes more, every day. Sometimes I get busy or choose to spend my free time doing other things, but for the most part I read consistently.
Mila C.
Depend , cause I don’t really have a goal , I don’t think ; ok so today I need to read for at least 1 or 1:30 hours , because then it takes all the fun out of it , so I just pick up my book and read until I’m satisfied, that is usually 30 minutes to 1 hour , but again sometimes I find myself reading for 5 hours , so I don’t really know 😉 but I suggest taht you do the same 😉 …
Jake M.
Usually around half an hour but if it’s something interesting that i want to keep reading a lil longer i read up to a few hours
Seth J.
Usually I read books like fiction , motivational and self discipline and i read 20-25 pages daily and it almost takes 30 minutes but i am trying to increase my time