What can I do so as not to fall asleep when reading?

Ryan O.
I usually try to have a glass of water or something beside me to sip on while I'm reading. The water refreshes your body while your book refreshes your mind!
Isabella G.
Make sure the book you are reading you are actually interested in. Maybe play the audio book version and follow along in your book. Or you can play the audio book and clean or workout or whatever it is you do. So you are listening to the book but also getting your things done.
Licelima F.
You can fix number of minutes before sleeping for reading a book…
As soon as you start feeling sleepy keep the book on the table besides your bed or in a rack 👍🏻👍🏻…..
This was a small tip from me!!
Brett C.
I use toothpicks to keep my eyelids open. Seriously, I notice when I lay down on my back and read, the book will, fall on my face, and that usually, keeps me awake.

If reading relaxes you, maybe it’s okay to give yourself a break and take a short nap, it will still be there when you wake up, that is if the two previous suggestions are not workable.