Do you track your reading time?

Victor F.
Not time. I usually track pages/day connected with a goal (eg: I want to read at least 1 book per month, the next one on my list has 300 pages, so I need to read 10 pages per day during April to succeed)
Thoralf X.
I try to go to bed at least one hour before I want to go to sleep, so I can read. But I regularly read until I fall asleep. I don’t check the time when I turn of the light because I don’t have a clock or phone in my bedroom. Electronics free.
I also try to read a newspaper or magazine during breakfast. But I don’t track the time. So yes I take care to read every day but I don’t know how many minutes I exactly read.
Daniel J.
I track all my time! I use a time tracking app to track time on everything I do, so I can get a good picture of whether how I’m spending my time is in line with my goals and priorities. I use the Harvest app. I’d also highly recommend the book 168 Hours for info one why this is useful.