What kind of tea curbs appetite?

Kata Z.
I think green tea, ginger tea, or really any tea will help. If you drink more fluids, that can help you feel fuller between meals.
Wilma Y.
Puerh tea helps reduce appetite and may have an effect ok cholesterol. Plus it’s super tasty. I like the “mini tucha” which are single serving tea cakes individually wrapped. You can probably find them at Whole Foods. One tucha can make several cups of tea. I fill it up 3-5 times through the day, savoring the changing flavors as the tea mellows with each wash. Puerh has a malty earthy fermented flavor. I like mine steeped long at first for very strong flavor. By mid afternoon I’m drinking a mellow clear brown broth that packs none of the punch of that first cup. IMO it’s the perfect profession!
Tamara Q.
My guess is licorice tea, since it’s both sweet as it is a herb. It’s different than the sugary sweetness of fruit tea.
Still, when hungry, try to combine a banana with a small spoon of peanut butter. The banana is a good snack for you, and the peanut butter slows down how fast you digest the banana. You’ll feel fulfilled for much longer! (Ps. I combine yogurt with banana and peanut butter, it’s a very healthy and filling combo, but you really have to like all three combined)