What are the best tea’s to drink in the morning? To replace coffee

Sherry F.
Green tea and ceylon tea are both rich in antioxidants and have caffeine. Non-tea related: a green apple or orange juice are also great alternatives to coffee as they kick start your system faster than caffeine and are healthy 🙂
Shanwow N.
I’m obsessed with Pukka teas. The supreme matcha green, turmeric active, and peppermint and licorice are probably my favorites for the morning 🙂
Haifa F.
i always love to drink black tea ☕️ because it’s delicious with all food 🥘 and when i drink it i don’t feel like i am empty like green tea 😂🍵
Annabel F.
Most black teas have a similar caffeine content to coffee. Mate (pronounced ma-ta) is higher. Two of my favorites are Celestial Seasonings "Morning Thunder" and Yogi "Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy." I brew them about 7 minutes, and both can be brewed a second time.
Carter G.
I love a good chai tea. It's comforting and helps me wake up. My favourite is dirty chai tea (it does have espresso in it, so it wouldn't actually replace coffee).
Chris W.
Nothing will replace coffee in my heart.

If I had to pick a tea to drink in the morning when coffee is unavailable, I’d pick something strong like Russian Caravan or Lapsang souchong. Or one that was extra caffeinated like Fast Lane by Celestial Seasonings.

Meg F.
If you're worried about caffeine withdrawal, green tea has the highest caffeine content. If that's not your jam, try black tea (English breakfast or similar) as they have almost as much caffeine but more people are familiar with the flavour. The caffeine will react differently in your body (caffeine from tea takes longer to metabolize) so no matter what you drink you may have a headache for a few days.
Becca F.
I recommend genmaicha. The green tea has theanine to help with the caffeine absorption and the puffed rice makes the green tea so tasty!
Kim N.
Depends on what you want. If your goal is to replace coffee in the sense of caffeïne, I would recommend any kind of black tea, because it has the highest caffeine level in teas that you are aiming for. If your goal is to drink less caffeine, you can start off with replacing your coffee with black tea, then go to green tea (less caffeine) and eventually herb tea (no caffeine). I don’t know what’s best to start your day with in terms of health or stomic health, so you’ll have to try to google about it I guess, good luck!
Abantika E.
For me, it's the green tea that can replace coffee in the morning. It's not only good for your health but also soothes your mind. It keeps you calm which is very necessary in the morning. It can be a great start for a day to have a nice cup of gree tea in the first hours of the morning.
Barbara N.
If the objective is to also have a caffeine intake, it’s best to go for a black. For a sweeter taste, earl grey souls do just fine. For stronger taste, Ceylon is great. Or Assam. If you don’t need much, Lipton yellow label is my personal fave. With a splash of milk, if desired