Do you put milk and sugar in your tea? Why/why not?

Radiance U.
NOPE! Dairy isn’t my friend, and I have a wicked sweet tooth so sugar isn’t a good idea for me either. I use Stevia; the clean kind without any type of additives, etc. And it really does get the job done when sweetening my teas.
Floyd S.
It depends on what type of tea it is as to whether it has milk in or not. It also depends on what type of milk you mean. I like a builder's brew with cow milk, but other than that either no milk or soya sometimes. I havent had sugar in my tea in my adult life, except for when I was in labour.
Mario F.
Only in 1 case do I use almondmilk and sugar and that is for earl grey tea. Otherwise all my tea is pure. Unlike the mainstream teas, I use earthy teas yoy make yourself in the wild. If I find a tea cannot stand on itd own alone it isnt for me.

I love both hot and iced teas. Though I cannot get through cup before it going cold which is fine for me!