How much tea you drink?

Gilbert E.
A lot! I drink Green tea in the morning when I take a break, then usually white tea or rooibos in the afternoon and usually herbal tea (verbena or chamomile are my favorites) in the evening. I like varying flavors so I try to have different options at home. I usually drink one big cup or a small pot at a time.
Dee V.
I don't drink as often as I could. I'd prefer tea before bed. For the calming effect. I'm a novice tea drinker as I'm learning the benefits of tea.
Kristal C.
Right now, I'm drinking 1 cup of tea a day. I want to increase to 2 cups a day – one in the afternoon and one at night – but I need my bladder to get used to one cup first. 🙂
Jennifer F.
1 or 2 cups a day. Unless I'm doing a longer fast. Then I like to sip Yogi detox tea (peach is my fav) or Matĕ through out the day.