What’s the main tea flavor you like and where do you go to have it?

Bianca M.
Green tea at home. I didn't realize there are people who get out of the house just to have tea… not during Covid, in general I mean.
Mago G.
In the morning i drink green tea, as it has a natural source of caffeine and, not so much as coffee. It boosts your metabolism so you start burning and the warmth and flavor of the green tea with honey is my favorite thing to start my morning. I sit outside sometimes, or even just relaxing in my rocking chair, put on some light music and really wake the body up after i eat or just after i have my morning water. And to end the day ill have a cup of chamomile tea to calm the nerves and relax the body. Just really get you ready and wind down for a good nights sleep. Teas are sold everywhere! Your local grocery store will probably have the most diversity. And different teas are used for different things, but they are all good for you! A little honey in your tea goes a long way.