Do you like to have a snack with your tea? If so, what kind of snack? (P.s. I hope you’re having a lovely day! <3)

The V.
usualy I dont but when I do I like to have some biscuits, a pice of cake or cornflakes but if you want somthing healthier you can have a sandwich, nuts, salad, fruits, a vigetable, a toast or some
digistive biscuits .

you can have whatever you like as long as it's light and makes you happy

have a fabulous day♡

Christian E.
My favorite snack with tea is definitely a fruit; depending on the tea flavor; matching fruits to a flavor is my fav! 🙂
Saratu W.
No, not all the time. It also depends on what was for snack. If I am snacking on fruits, there might be no need for tea. However, if I am snacking on pastries like oatmeal cookies, absolutely yes I will need my favorite cup of tea to wash it down
Maddie N.
I hope you’re having a good day too! I eat a plate of almonds, carrots, and blueberries/strawberries with my tea. It makes me feel energized!