Is it harmful for teeth

Rachel L.
No, coffee and some teas can stain the teeth (as many things can) though so you may periodically want to brush with peroxide or use a whitening toothpaste.
Tristan U.
If you're talking about tea, at night you should drink it al least 5/10 minutes before you brush your teeth. If you brush them before, they may get ruined if you don't wash them at all, they may turn yellowish.
Ron P.
while we are talking about drinking tea we need to make sure that we include organic things and we include something that helps our body to feel replenished and feel hydrated and also feel good about that. So generally what I drink is some green tea or chamomile tea . I take three cup of chamomile tea every now and then. If you are not feeling energetic more with these like only this kind of tea because we are accustomed with caffeine or normal tea with the sweetness then I will recommend that go for the beetroot latte or turmeric latte and also you can have several other options like I have like chai hot chocolate , we do the same process of hot chocolate but we add some Ginger cinnamon and also we make sure that we use soya milk in that so you can also try fewer vegan recipes in this case is because vegan recipes are also healthy
Amanda Y.
If you add sugar, honey or other sweetener to it that can contribute to plaque, or lemon can potentially weaken enamel. Be sure to brush your teeth before bed if you use sweeteners and be sure to wait before you brush to let your enamel re-harden if you add lemon or other acidic ingredients.