Do you take the time to mindfully drink tea or do you just drink it to tick off the habit and avoid less healthy like sugary drink?

Daniel J.
I make tea first thing when I walk in the door in the evening, and set it on my desk, knowing that just the fact that it’s there means I’ll drink it idly while I’m working – which is great! So no, I don’t drink tea mindfully. I have other mindfulness practices instead.

An Sia I.
Yes, I do take the time to savor my tea both in the am and before bed. It tunes my mind to relax destress and at night sleep deeper.

Emilija A.
Mostly I drink tea before dinner to suppress the hunger because I sometimes skip the lunch. I also drink tea because I get a bit chilly in the apartment. And I think it’s either while I’m doing something else, or as a break kind of thing. So sometimes fully mindfully, sometimes not so much

Idelso Y.
Drink it to tick it off and avoid a less healthy drink. Tend to have a peppermint tea though as that is my favourite sort of tea

Lena C.
I drink it mindfully but also because I can't drink coffee anymore. I have severe mental illness and too much caffeine tends to overload my system and then I struggle to function. I've switched over to green tea with jasmine. Which tastes amazing and is both relaxing AND stimulating at the same time. It's a nice calm way to start the day while also getting my energy level up. Plus if you drink a couple cups a day, it has many health benefits like heart health, fighting cancer, and so on. It even helps with weight loss. When I started drinking green tea, I lost about 25 pounds in 2 to 3 months without changing my diet or exercising more. All I did was drink green tea every day. And I'm even on medications that keep weight on and it still worked. So yes, there are a lot of health benefits. But as far as being mindful, I find that green tea is a great one for that as well. Especially with jasmine. The flavor is just so soothing and puts your mind in a good place. It really helps to shift things to a more collected perspective.

Billy Z.
I enjoy the warmth and natural flavors of the tea and I imagine it feeling me with warmth and light. Since the tea is also good for me, I know that it is also making my body happy along with my heart.