Is drinking tea new to you? How do you like it compared to coffee?

Ali S.
Yea has always been a home comfort to me! I love coffee but I find the caffeine side affects sometimes leave me feeling uncomfortable, sweaty palms and jittery
Abdullah M.
I have been drinking tea since I was a kid! I like it more than coffee because it doesn't give me much anxiety and tastes light and great!
Sharyn O.
I have always been a tea drinker. Never liked coffee. Mother used to tell me that it would stunt my growth! We all hover around 5 feet!
Alexis T.
I love tea haha I actually don't like coffee, for me tea is just much better. There are so many types of tea, it's just a matter of finding which one you enjoy best 🙂
Quentin Y.
I've always liked tea more than coffee and drink it a lot more often, but I am trying to make it so that I never consume coffee anymore by substituting it with morning tea. Coffee just makes me feel ill but I only drink it when I really need energy, so to get rid of that I just fixed my sleeping schedule and drink tea in the morning and it really makes me feel better and more energetic than if it was coffee
Lisa J.
I have been drinking tea from the time I was a child. I love tea with milk and sugar, kind of milky. I am not a coffee fan only because I do not like the smell of coffee too much but strangely I love cappuccino and have it always when out. I have not found a good cup.of tea served to my liking, anywhere.