Will using the microwave to make tea affect its health benefits?

Maurice F.
Microwaving your tea has been scientifically proven to be the better option. It activates 80% of the caffeine, plus amino acids and antioxidants!

Mary O.
I don’t think using a microwave would have a negative impact on tea. I don’t think it would
Matter how you hear up the water.

Mark Ta O.
No. Warming up water in microwave has no effect on the "healthiness" of the water. It's a very energetically inefficient way to boil water though, so for the sake of our planet, please switch to a kettle

Mariah Z.
I don’t think so. I microwave the water before adding the tea bag. I’d suggest doing the same so you don’t “cook out” the good stuff in the tea.

Rebecca Z.
I am not sure whether using the microwave to make tea would have negative health impacts; however, I much rather use water boiled on the stove on in an electric kettle to make tea. The few times I have tried to make tea by boiling water in the microwave I was disappointed: the tea seemed not to brew to its full aroma.

Jakub F.
That's an interesting one! According to some Newcastle studies it is in fact the healthiest way to brew a tea. You should hear it on half power for 30 seconds, then leave it inside for 1-2 minutes. It also tastes the yummiest. Go ahead and try!

Faisal N.
I guess the answer is yes, and I would suggest not use any of mention equipment for food. It is better to get fresh food.