What’s your favorite tea?

Dorit G.
Hot, but not too hot, cup of roasted rice green tea. I can only find them at Asian supermarkets and they only come in small boxes so I buy 3 boxes each time! Speaking of… I need to buy a couple more to stock up!
San O.
Fav tea has to be my very own homemade green tea.

How to make it?
1. Get your fav mug
2. Measure out water from tap or boiled water from kettle.
3. Pour water into a saucepan
4. Add in sugar, lemon grass, dried green tea or green tea tea bag, some fennel seeds, an opened cardamom seed.
5. Bring to the boil.
6. Once boiled let it simmer on very low heat. Helps bring out the flavours.
7. Put a tea strainer (small sieve) on top of your mug. Pour tea into your mug.
8. ENJOY 🙂

Sylvia F.
I love Yorkshire tea. Sometimes when I make a pot I also throw in an Earl grey tea bag for a little bergamot flavour. When I'm reading I like a mix of black and green tea.