Are there really any health benefits to drinking tea?

Adrualdo Z.
I know of a few, healthier skin, the caffeine helps with energy, obviously hydration, and I know there are others but I’m not entirely sure. But I personally find making and drinking tea to be therapeutic as it’s a routine you can settle into. So there’s physical and mental benefits. I’d definitely recommend looking it up for so better facts.

Favoured T.
Drinking green tea is very beneficial to your body but be careful to not drink too much as it has caffeine. You could also opt for Hibiscus tea which is great as well and has no caffeine at all. Reduce normal tea (English breakfast, earl grey, black tea, etc.) as it is riddled with caffeine

Isaiah U.
It's kind of a ritual for me. Also it tastes good. It relaxes me, but it also gives me energy some time. However other times I can't understand if it actually gives me energy and I just drink it because it tastes good.

Aubree Y.
yes.There are. There are antioxidants and hydration. So there are many health benefits to drinking tea.How good of you to ask.
Selmaan A Ali