Can you enjoy your tea time with no stress while in your work environment?

Christina K.
Due to my high stress and fast paced work environment, I would be unable to. I currently work in a treatment based correctional facility, so time to myself is unheard of; however, I do know of others, such as my sister that is a teacher, that are able to enjoy and utilize that tea time as the start or end of their lunch break. She and a few friends added this to their daily routines and find that for some, it helps to calm them and assist in refocusing. For others, it provides and opportunity to self-reflect before going back to resuming teaching. It all depends on one’s work environment and personal preference.
Katzenjammer P.
Try having an infusion instead of regular tannin-rich tea. Rooibos is especially good at calming the nerves and quieting the mind. Step a moment away from your desk, silence your devices and either enjoy your cup by an opened window or while listening to some ambient music in your earphones.
Jacky O.
Yes, I can. I have made my research and I found out the amazing benefits of green tea; accelerates accelerated metabolism, has anti oxidant effects, and its quite relaxing among many other benefits 💯🙋‍♀️💚
Chris W.
Yes. I step away from my desk, silence my phone, and usually step outside when the weather is nice. That gives me the best experience with having a nice cup of tea at work.
L Andre U.
I drink my tea with my breakfast. I find that changing from coffee (or nothing) to tea improves the start of my day. I can’t drink my tea during the day. It will be cold long before I finish it and more often than not I don’t finish it.
Ev Ncio T.
I always take my time to make myself a cup of tea during the afternoon. I usually pair this with a breathing exercise to relax. I am able to shut the door to my office while I do this. If you can’t, try to put on some headphones and okay relaxing music for five minutes, and give yourself time to breath.
Vlado Z.
Yes absolutely. I concentrate on one work at a time. So when I drink tea even in work environment, I enjoy the warmth, small sips, the aroma of tea leaves.
Greg Rio Z.
Personally yes, but it’s more enjoyable to have it in a different location. I really enjoy having it while sitting by a window so I can look outside and be grateful for the world. It’s just more peaceful and happy compared to your work environment but you can still enjoy it there too! 🙂