What kind of tea or coffee flavors that reminds you to your old memories?

Firmina Q.
I had first cup of tea, as in breakfast tea with milk and sugar on a school trip to Brighton, England. We arrived very late at our guest families house. They had prepared a simple supper and tea for my friends and I. We tried the black tea in front of us but didn't like it. At home it was something adults would sometimes drink but not kids or teens. So we asked shyly if there was any other tea, like fruit or herbal tea. Our guest mam looked into our mug. "Oh, you're doing this all wrong. You need to add some sugar and milk" was her reply. We tried it, loved it and turned into big tea drinkers. Nowadays I live in Ireland and can't survive without a cuppa. It's the first thing here you'll be offered entering someone's house and I've adopted this tradition fully.