Is there a difference between loose leaf tea and tea bags? Which is better?

Deborah A.
There is no difference except in cost and convenience. I use loose tea at home but use bags on the road because it is easier. If you like the clean up of bags you can buy sachets that you can fill yourself at some tea stores.

William A.
Loose leaf tea is often fresher, and is definitely better tasting. It also provides a relaxing sequence of steps for you to go through, which will help you to calm your mind. With loose leaf tea becoming more popular, it is readily available in specialty stores, and online in many areas. Loose leaf tea also provides a wide variety of options from herbal teas for those who prefer to be caffeine free, to standard caffeinated black teas, as well as white, green, mate, rooibos, and many more. Drinking tea also provides a tasty way to add extra water to your diet.

Noah G.
Well, I haven't really tried loose leafs. I saw my dad and grandpa use loose leafs. I guess it's almost the same as tea bags, because in the tea bags there's the loose leaf but in small small pieces. I believe there might be a small difference though, and that the loose leaf might have more healthy nutritients and maybe wake you up more. You should google it and find it!!

Sharna Y.
Loose tea is nice as you don't taste the paper from the tea bag. And if there is any bleach or anything in the tea bag it won't leach out. Loose tea will taste better because of this.

Rea G.
I prefer loose leaf tea for green tea and babies for flavoured black tea. But I am not aware of any chemical and biological difference between the use of loose leaf tea vs tea bags.