When to drink a black tea, and when a green one?

Amy T.
I don’t often drink green tea myself, usually when I’m in the mood for one. I often drink a black tea every morning though and then I’ll drink green tea during the day if I have any. Often I opt for decaf tea in the evening.

Keturah U.
Personally, I think drinking black tea in the morning is good because it will give you caffeine boost (not as strong as coffee) it will help got motility and contains antioxidants, to help start the day.

Green tea similar to black tea Has anti-oxidants, and caffeine and also some ingredients that help to reduce mouth bacteria, as well as digestive agents, as well as giving an energy boost, as well as improving brain function. It can also improve mood and help to relax if somebody is anxious. So I would recommend this as a lunchtime or early afternoon tea, because it also does contain caffeine, it is better not to drink it in the evening.

Isabel O.
I usually drink green tea if I am eating a meal or if I have eaten recently, I find green tea more soothing. Black tea is heavier to me but I like it in the morning for the caffeine.

Shell O.
A green tea in the morning because it kick starts your metabolism.
A black tea in the evening because it helps you to relax and contains minimal caffeine

Kayla T.
Black tea in the morning and green tea in the evening. Black tea has caffeine in it whilst some green teas doesn’t. Also. Green tea is good after a meal….. to help digest the foods