Hello! Do you ever feel different after drinking tea, and what are you usually doing while drinking it?

Amirul U.
Absolutely yes. I feel very fresh after having some hot tea and that's so relaxing for me. I usually watch tv while drinking eat or maybe have some cookies with my tea.
Melissa Z.
Yes, i make masala chai from scratch and it makes me feel focused and calm. I’m usually working on my grad school homework when i do and i swear by its ability to help me concentrate! Maybe it’s psychosomatic, part of my afternoon ritual. But it does the trick!
L X.
Yes, I actually do. There’s just something special and different about drinking tea. It gives me a sense of calm and zen. Mostly I drink tea while having a sit down with my family or when I take a quick break from work.
Apostolos X.
I feel different! I usually feel calmer and maybe a bit more energised. Sometimes I smoke while drinking tea, I study or read a book.