Does caffeinated tea ever make you sleepy instead of wake you up?

Maria W.
Some people do have adverse side effects to certain substances. Totally normal. NyQuil energizes me. But no, caffeine does not make me sleepy.
Meya A.
Caffeinated tea usually doesn’t keep me energized even though there is some caffeine, and so yes, most of the time (especially at night) I’ll get sleepy. But during the day it just seems to put me at peace and I like to notice everything around me and enjoy the moment when drinking tea during the day. I don’t know what it is about it but it’s very enjoyable and relaxing to take a moment and look around.
Oraldina E.
I haven’t monitored whether it makes me sleepy or not, it is something to be aware of. I’ll make notes each time I have a tea.
Dean C.
Yes it does to the point if I’m so exhausted and tired that I fall asleep anyway on caffeine. It will wake you up but evenchually your blood sugar levels will drop. Same with ads roll if I’m really really exhausted I can sleep on aderoll
Bianca M.
Although many of my friends swear on the effect of black and green tea, I honestly didn't get energized by them at all. I went back to my regular coffe. However, I made a pact to myself to only drink after my lunch. But tea never made me sleepy. Because I already was 🙂 so it just kept me sleepy haha