Do you like tea with milk or not?

Jolie C.
No, I think there are so many teas with complex flavors and they cannot be fully appreciated if their flavor is masked by milk or adding anything else to it.
Mia F.
I usually drink Thai tea and I'm a boba fan but not a fan of paying 6$ for a small boba drink so I make it at home for a little treat for myself. So yes I do like milk in my tea. 🙂
Bernard F.
It depends! I am a tea enthusiast so I am quite particular about what and how I drink. I drink tea gongfu style but also enjoy milk tea as well.
Herbert Q.
With milk.
I think by replacing your tea/coffee with green, black or whichever healthy drink you can loose upto 87% of what little joy you still have left in your life.
Elisa V.
I love milk in my tea. I have fun trying different combinations of milks and teas. My last one was coconut milk with mango flavored tea. Delicious!
Melissa F.
I always add a bit if I'm drinking hot black tea, certain herbal teas, or in iced matcha. I don't use it in other iced teas or in hot green or white teas because they tend to have more citrus notes
Mari T.
I like black teas with milk… condensed milk is best. On the other hand, I like my herbal teas plain, no milk. Iced teas with lemon most of the times.
Luana U.
Not, I don't really like the taste of milk too much. So I never put milk in my tea, the same goes for coffee. The only drink a put milk is hot chocolate because the cocoa can overpower the milk taste
Kasper N.
I am trying to reduce my sugar intake, so I prefer to take my tea without milk or sugar. To be clear, I drink herbal tea.
Miroslava F.
I like both, but i prefer green tea which doesn’t go well with milk if you know what I mean 😉 so yes if I should choose only one it will be without milk.
Jana Na Q.
It depends on the tea. It works best with a strong black tea. My favorite is with a very smoky lapsang souchang. I've mostly cut this out of my diet for health reasons.
Ella J.
Personally, no. I have had tea with milk and sugar before but it isn’t nearly as good as just tea with honey and lemon in my opinion! 🙂
Tim Z.
Yes, I do drink my tea with milk but I quite enjoy it without milk as well but I do honestly prefer it with milk alot of the time.
Falk J.
I like my tea both ways sometimes with milk and sometimes without milk. It just changes the taste of the tea giving it more reasons to be attracted.
Kathleen X.
Depending on the time of day or my mood, I will drink black tea with milk or cream. The herbal teas I drink are with honey and no milk.
James J.
Yes! I drinI tea with milk most of the time, but I do enjoy a cup of herbal or fruity tea without milk, or even English breakfast tea without milk
Pamela Z.
I like black tea and purple tea with milk because it doesn’t require sugar. The milk also reduces the bitterness of strong tea.
El Na E.
I like tea with milk more than tea without milk. The tea with milk is more sweeter than tea without without milk. Although I prefer tea without milk because tea without milk is better for health than tea without milk.
Ida E.
I love it and I love drinking it with biscuits, but at the present time I do not drink it because it makes me feel very sleepy in the morning, so I replaced it with tea because it makes me more active.
Julia N.
i like normal tea with milk but herbal tea without. ive never seen anyone put milk in herbal tea but theres probably someone who likes it
Amy U.
L'ho assaggiato una volta e non mi ha fatto impazzire. Forse mi piace di più te indiano con il latte. In generale non mi piace tanto il sapore del te. Preferisco gli infusi senza latte
Rosa C.
I take my tea without milk because it's not something that's really done where I'm from and also because I don't like milk.