At what time do you drink tea?

Lily U.
I drink tea in the morning. Usually with breakfast. I get up around 6 and am drinking my tea by 630. I like green tea mostly.

Marshall J.
If you are looking forward to the morning to drink tea then at 8:00 am can work for anybody as a time. But if it is night then drink tea 1 hour prior your bedtime.

Alice G.
I drink my tea at 4pm, this is the time my energy level slumps; the children get some TV time and I take 20minutes to sit and drink my tea. I like to find a quiet corner, sometimes with my journal or a magazine, sometimes just with a biscuit and reflect on the day setting a small goal for the last few hours before the Children’s Bedtime.

Brit E.
I drink tea throughout the day. Tea with breakfast, mid morning tea, tea after lunch, mid afternoon tea and after dinner tea. Also tea whenever I feel like I want a cup – maybe when we are out, or when we come back home. Why do you ask?