is it bad to drink tea all the time?

Elaina O.
No, I have been drinking tea every single day for a while. Now it may get boring but I drink the tea from herbalife and I can change the flavors and I can make hot tea or iced tea and it doesn’t taste like tea some days and some days I do want that tea taste but they also have tea where it helps you relax with a bunch of different flavors so no I love my tea!!
Sara I.
No. It’s warm, so it’s closer to your body temperature and easy to stomach. Also, there so many varieties, so you can experiment to see which does what to your mood, your metabolism, your habits.
Supattra G.
Probably no, it would be bad for your health. Tea has caffeine in it, just like coffee, but in different amount (some teas higher, some other lower). You should not abuse this substance because it’s bad for your heart and the cardiovascular system. Why’ve don’t you limit yourself to the daily recommended quantity?