When is your favorite time to drink tea?

Imke T.
I generally drink tea either in the morning or in the afternoon (around one). Or literally whenever. It always makes me feel hydrated and relaxed. 🙂

Stefanie O.
Definitely a herbal tea in the evening before bed with no caffeine . I like a reinvigorating tea like peppermint in the afternoon. I have one green tea a day with a meal or right after.

Lucie Z.
I’m a tea addict so I prepare almos 2 lt of tea per day. Sometimes I pour half of it into a jar so I can have Ice tea also and this makes drinking tea easy

Martin O.
Morning and evenings. If doing afternoon tea I want to make sure that there is a good variety of tea and food for my guests.

Esmeralda X.
My favourite time to drink tea is in the evening. In the morning I keep forgetting and in the afternoon I seem to enjoy the tea less. And of course when I'm sick! Tea is rather comforting