Do you prefer a steaming hot cup of tea or iced tea?

Vreni N.
I prefer lukewarm tea so that I can drink the whole cup at once. I make it piping hot, then let it sit for ten minutes while I clean up the kitchen (tea is part of my evening routine), and then drink it in one go before moving over to the living room to do my evening yoga. Too hot and it burns the mouth, too cold would give me brain freeze. 😉

Milo Y.
I live in England, where the climate is rather mild and towards the cooler side. So I usually prefer a hot cup of tea, usually white tea, rooibos or oolong. I find them the most enjoyable to drink. In the evenings, I like drinking camomile and lavender tea to help me relax.

Katia B.
It depends on the situation. If it is during the day I would have it cold, even with ice cubes. If it's during the night before going to sleep I would have it really hot.

Patrick G.
The best drink of the day is strong breakfast tea with milk no sugar.. refreshing and pleasant.. ice tea is ok but i would pick a hot cuppa over cold tea