What according to you are the benefits of green tea?

Ren E.
I don't have an objective answer I can give off the top of my head. To me, I find green tea (and most tea in general) to be a catalyst of sorts that helps bring myself into a calm state

Савина Коцева N.
Improves brain function, may improve speed of metabolism, suitable for a weight loss journey, healthy antioxidants which can protect you from various illnesses. personally it soothes my stomach when it’s uneasy

Larry O.
I believe there is research that suggests it may improve brain function and increase the bodies ability to burn fat effectively. I also think it is higher in antioxidants and therefore beneficial for us.

Delani S.
i’ve heard it helps with weight loss, and overall it makes me feel so great! sometimes after a night when i didn’t eat so healthy and i have some green tea in the morning, it really helps me feel like i’m detoxing my body of all the bad stuff i ate! it also helps me feel like i’m making healthy choices, and throughout the day i don’t want to break my streak of healthy eating so i continue with healthy choices!

Saratu W.
Green tea is packed with antioxidant and helps rid the body of free oxidative radicals, helps with weight loss because if can stave off unhealthy cravings and it's calming on the gastrointestinal tract

Lya E.
i don't think tea gives me any good benefits aha. i drink it to stay calm and i can't say that it works all the time so.

Dierk W.
well I'm not a scientist but it makes me feel calm without making me feel bloated especially that i drink it without sugar… i just like that it makes me prepare for the night…