Do you like tea before going to sleep? Or before a calming ritual?

Maxence T.
Yes. I like tea for pretty much any occasion. It’s helps to warm me up and relax at the same time. Tea brings me warmth and peace and I love it!

Ricky F.
For me I like tea, some say it's weird for me as a man to have a somewhat calm night with tea but I let that slide and just focus on what's better for me. Calming rituals for me are just not my thing because I can't find a chance to sit quietly and meditate without a distraction.

Alberte C.
I enjoy tea first thing in the morning. It warms me up and gets my day started in a deliberate way. Also, sometimes I enjoy a cup before I meditate.

Alexis Z.
I drink tea anytime possibile. It’s healthy. I adore my relaxing drinking green tea moment. Especially in autumn-winter when it gets cold and I tend to lie down in bed under a blanket more often. Cozy atmosphere.

Daniel P.
I like tea before going to sleep because at the end of the day you just want something warm to help you to relax, preparing tea is a ritual, choosing what kind of tea you want and all that is like take your time to decide and then when is done you just lay down in your bed and take a sip of your cup and think oh man! What a day

Alix S.
Till time m not oriented or having a habit of doing some thing before going to bed,as I m alone since two years so as my family in home country…
I get sound sleep for 6 to 7 hours every day…

Noam I.
Yes, I like tea in every time of the day, especially on winter. It makes me feel peaceful and relaxed and it gives me that cozy feeling. With some lit candles around and it’s perfect.

Laila F.
I Like drinking tea before I go to bed because it makes me feel like I am a little bit more comfortable And not being able to express myself to someone.

Jodi C.
I drink tea for health during the day. At night I drink chamomile tea before bed to wind down and help me sleep. Sometimes if I’m feeling stressed I will drink it to relax too

Alyx E.
Both. If I feel stressed out, I will drink calming tea. I drink sleepy tea every night before bed and if I want a mood boost I'll drink mood boosting tea.

Alexandra I.
Absolutely. It sets me into the rightful state of mind for the moment. I have different tea flavors I like to drink in different parts of the day.

Yousra Z.
I like tea for any time of the day it’s a moment when I m siting doing nothing but drink my tea it’s a peaceful moment in my day

Camila S.
Definitely before bed, it's nice and relaxing and signals my brain that it's time to wind down! Our brain works by using rituals or habits so I've made it a habit to drink tea before bed to relax me and to signal my brain that it's time to stop thinking, do some meditation and to chill!

Djeung X.
I think tea is good when you drink around 16.30 pm it can help us to release some stress tension and have a calm moment

Rosana P.
Yes I like tea before bed. It calms me down and relaxed my thoughts. But not just any kind of tea, it should not be sweet and a flower that is supposed to wake you up. One that has properties for a good sleep.

Leroy C.
When I wake up, I like to start with a large cup of tea. I constantly drink tea, the whole day. And I love it the most before I go upstairs, brush my teeth and go to bed.