When do you like to drink your tea?

Janine O.
In the morning when I do my meditation and prayer time. I love the feel of the warm mug in my hand. Also I’m working on have a relaxing tea end the evening to signal my brain that I am done eating and need to go to bed.
Jud N.
I like to drink my tea first thing in the morning to start my day, on work breaks to unwind and in the evening after dinner to relax myself before bed.
Heiderose R.
I like it with breakfast, or around 3 for a mid-afternoon hit of caffeine that's not quite as strong as a cup of coffee that late in the day.
Tommy U.
I prefer to drink my tea at night after dinner or in the afternoon with a piece of cake.I don't like drinking tea in the morning hours because for brake fast prefer drinking something more filling and nutritious such as a smoothie.
Bonif Cio Q.
I boil a kettle a soon as I wake up and enjoy tea throughout my day. I have minimum two pots of tea each day filled with my favorite herbal tea!
Iago Q.
I like to start my day with the fasting tea. Then throughout the day have 3-4 more cups. Some to restore my joints and muscles, the other to refresh or get my digestive moving, and one before bed to relax me.
Savanah Z.
I like to drink my tea around 2pm it’s a time I would usually snack but tea helps my stomach feel full. I also like to do homework or a craft at this time and having tea next to me to drink calms me and helps me focus.
Jennifer N.
I start as soon as I get home from work. Drinking tea and getting into the different kinds, aromas and flavors has helped me stop drinking alcohol.
Christian G.
I like to drink my tea when I’m feeling cold. When I need a pick-me-up without too much caffeine. It’s relaxing and enjoyable.