Why tea instead coffee

Lena P.
Tea makes more relax. Also tea is not as thick as coffee. Coffee is nice, also delicious, i like it. But tea suits perfectly when i want to get more relax and reflect.

Ragendra Z.
Hi there 🙂 I drink tea instead of coffee before bed because it relaxes me and warms my insides which helps me sleep better. And it doesn't have caffeine in it and its just a lighter taste.

Anamika O.
Coffee is not good for health actually…it is has too much caffeine which could be really harmful for your body..you can also search it on Google

Johan Z.
Tea instead of coffee because tea myeloma us when in head ace right I am not saying that coffee is bad but tea make you fresh and make you more energetic one but sometimes coffee is also good

Kaila W.
I started this Journey to try to curb my anxiety by setting a routine for myself. I used to be a big coffee drinker when I was a barista, but since then I’ve cut down on coffee and I’ve noticed that when I do drink coffee, my anxiety is really high. I also feel like there’s more variety in tea. I like both, but coffee is my go to!

Jane Y.
Tea tends to provide better health benefits. Health benefits such as reducing stress and improve constipation. However , Coffee tends to increase stress and influence our sleeping cycle and schedule because of a chemical called caffeine which caused it.

Fatima N.
It mean the i can control the amount of caffeine in my system, be able to sleep early and not crush down in the middle of my day. It means that i can be protective i a healthy way

Ella F.
Honestly I prefer tea because of its calming effects. Coffe gives me energy while tea calms me and gives me a vibe of comfort.

Isabelle T.
Im really sensitive to caffeine if I drink one cup coffee at 14 I have problem sleeping. I also do not like the idea of getting addicted to it. I know tea contains a lot of caffeine to but I normally drink green tea which has less caffeine than black. Also I belive that there is some health benefits that comes from drinking tea, specially herbal teas.

Athena F.
I drink coffee in the morning and midday but for night I drink herbal organic tea and it's calm down me and I have a good sleeping

Miluska U.
I like both but when I prefer tea is because I can choose different flavours and properties as digestive, relaxing, green tea etc

Enila R.
It depends on the person. I like tea and used to drink it everyday.
also Black tea offers a variety of health benefits, including improved cholesterol, better gut health and decreased blood pressure,
And Green tea is rich in catechins, it helps improving blood flow and lower cholesterol.