Is is better than drinking coffee?

Victoria F.
Tea and coffee have different places and times. Coffee is for that morning enjoyment, a good cup has beautiful aroma and flavor and pairs well with a balanced breakfast. I personally drink an organic locally roasted coffee that's fair trade, or switch it up for VitaCup Genius Blend, or another organic fair trade local roast. Coffee is liquid motivation for me, it helps me to get out of bed and have the confidence to take on the world. I usually only have one cup, and in moderation, coffee has excellent antioxidants and health benefits, especially since I drink it black or with spices like cinnamon. Tea on the other hand, is a relaxing ritual, I have a multitude of loose leaf teas I swap between, though I heavily prefer premium Jasmine teas of various varieties. Both have health benefits in moderation, and each have their purpose. People just usually drink a ton of sugary coffee, which is why it gets a bad reputation.

Ruth X.
Water? Hmm, I can't say one drink is really better than the other. I mean obviously water is usually better for you, but caffeine isn't necessarily bad, and I usually have decaf black coffee! All in moderation my friend 🙂