What herbal teas would you recommend?

L Andro N.
I've definitely had a lot of green tea and I love it! I onlt stopped taking it cos it has even if I was taking the natural ones I felt it would still cause the same effect as caffeine and I have made the decision to stop taking caffeine cos it does not help people with anxiety. I am now starting my day with Chamomile which I find might help ground me at the start of the day. It helps me because at least I start my day with some intake of water and it's warm and cosy and has this light taste which turns out I prefer.
Heather Q.
I personally like Bigelows tea, especially the benefits line they have. In the morning I'll usually have green tea and some of my left over skinnyfit detox tea with the green tea to rid my body even further of toxins. At night I drink chamomile tea every night with local honey especially now with the covic19 going around. They say it helps wash down any potential virus to ur stomachs acids and neutralizes if u come in contact. Also gargle with ur hot tea.
Lucr Cia O.
I love hibiscus because it is naturally flavourful and it has immune system boost benefits. It is good for lower the high blood temperature too.
Jonathan Z.
Instead of sugar/fizzy drinks try a “dessert tea”. They usually have natural sugar sources. You find interesting “flavours” such as lemon cake, apple strudel, caramel toffee, cranberry vanilla, etc. Some of these can be non caffeinated and so you never need to worry about losing sleep (midnight snackers, I see you!).
Adolf F.
I would recommend ginger and lemon tea, mint tea and green tea in the morning and afternoon and camomile tea in the evening.
Sof A Y.
I have to say that my FAVORITE tea of all time is chamomille tea. Around night i add 2 drops of lavander for a good sleep. I also make preparations with black leaves, cardamom and cinnamon!
I also like mixing ginger and almond milk.
I love me some eucalyptus and honey with bits of oregano .
These are the most i make but it's always good to experiment and have fun!