Do you drink tea or herbal tea?

Morgan Q.
Yes! I drink Throat coat tea every day with honey. I am a singer, so I need the tea to heal my voice when I am and am not using it. It’s been very helpful for me and I feel closer to developing the voice I want every day.
Theo E.
Yes, great for filling your belly, soothing stress, and helping you sleep. I really enjoy a matcha (ground green tea leaves) latte in the morning for a great caffeine boost. Peppermint tea is also very good, I have this at night as a dessert sometimes. Chamomile is good with a little honey and lemon, especially when you aren’t feeling well or are having trouble sleeping.
Kelly B.
I drink green tea as I think it helps my digestion better and I don’t take milk or sugar (unlike black tea) so it’s better for my diet too
Namraja F.
Yes. I usually start my day with green tea, or black, depending on how I feel. I'll have a stronger tea in the early afternoon, black, puerh, or yerba mate. In the late afternoon I switch back to green and herbal tea at night, unless I'm partying then it's Puerh or Yerba Mate.