What’s your favourite afternoon tea to drink?

Catina Q.
I have an eclectic taste for tea. I won't drink mint tea. I have a bad reaction to it 🤢. Other then that, it all depends on the outside temperature. Hot out, ice tea. Cold out, hot tea.

Rhiannon N.
My favourite tea is either Earl Grey or Rooibos. Either one is great in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the situation. When I bring tea to school, it is by late morning / early afternoon that rooibos gets to a perfect point of deliciousness, when the flavour honey that I put in it starts to poke out, but Earl a Grey is also just lovely to have a cuppa in the afternoon.

Yuliya N.
I do not have a favourite tea to drink in the afternoon. It always depends on my mood. I have a vast collection of teas from all around the world and depending on the mood, if there is a certain memory I want to relive or if the weather is of certain type dictates what tea I will choose. I choose my tea according to what I feel like at that exact moment.