What teas do you drink? Just wanna take some notes…

Mada Z.
I usually do a mix of green tea with pomegranate and detox tea. It has a good taste without any sweetener and a great effect on my body.

Marie N.
Fadna – Green Tea More Goodness with Gotukola ( Thinkers Tea😉
***With all the goodness of green with boosting memory & intelligence of Gotukola create a fine blend of herbs resulting a beverage which promises you a healthy long life.

Gotukola has been known from generations to be the "Elixir of Life"

Leta F.
Peppermint or ginger tea is my go to, especially after a meal or before bed. Sometimes a chamomile, apple and vanilla tea if I'm feeling fancy 😊

Noara Z.
I love tea! For black tea like Darjeeling, earl grey, breakfast: Tazo, Mighty Leaf, Harney & Sons, and Stash. For herbal I like traditional medicinal’s chamomile and lavender or Yogi Tea, and Organic India has the best lemon ginger tea by far. Happy sipping!!